23 Aug

Its yet another Monday, and unlike most folks I look forward to Mondays. This is my first moment of peace and quiet since Friday after school let out. Sadly, I find myself with a horrible cold and a visit from my Aunt F that I’d rather not think about. Let’s just put it the way my husband did this morning “Mommy ordered the deluxe package of feel like crap.”

I was supposed to go get my crown put on post-root canal today but didn’t think it wise to go to the dentist with no way to breath out my nose and kleenex needed about every 45 seconds. I rescheduled that for first thing next Monday…more to look forward too! (haha). Oatmeal and a hot cup of ginger peach tea later, and I’m nearly done reading up on my forums and social sites for my morning. I’m moving on to digging out the savings from my Sunday paper (I’m odd and never read it on Sunday) and the ever titillating fun of organizing the coupons I find. It could be worse, I could have no cold and have to clean toilets. I suppose I’m lucky I feel like the swamp thing.

Sadly, my swamp thing look and motif will not be helpful later this evening. There is a open invitation meeting to the Boyscout local den and my son is dying to go check it out. I’ll have to suck it up and attempt to look human for that one. It feels like yesterday I was dancing with him to get him to sleep in his crib and now we’re onto Boyscouts? Truly unfair. I won’t even get started on my lil Angel who claims Justin Beiber is her boyfriend.

Well I push on to my Sunday paper now. Let’s hope I can keep from sneezing all over it all that much!


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