Hi, I’m Rebecca and this is not my first blog but will probably look like it!  I have not blogged since my son was a really little boy. He is now seven years old and my daughter is 11.   My blogging days ended as my single mom working hours got in the way.  I’m now a full time stay at home Mom who is looking for something to fill some hours while the kids are at school.

I’m recently married (October 17, 2009) and also a recent homeowner (April 2009). When you add those last two things with being a new stay at home parent – I’m pretty much in new unseen territory!  I’m having to learn how to share, live without, and be less independent.  Its not easy for someone who has done it all on her own for 10 years to turn over this new leaf so this blog is to help me through all of that.

So if you’re up for learning how to clip coupons, share a checking account and bills, learn how to entertain yourself and get the house picked up from 7:30-3:00 and hopefully have some time for fun with the kids after –hop on board the stay at home parenting corner!


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