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Remodeling from the inside out

10 Oct

I honestly thought when I started this blog so many years ago that I’d use it daily. I’d become an instant overnight sensation on the web and finally find some direction in my life.  Since starting this blog I went back to work, left that job, became a stay at home mom AGAIN and had another child.  Now I’m not just the parent of a teenager and a son with special needs, but the mother of a toddler too!  So I find myself balancing the act of paying the bills, mending the house, grocery shopping, staying up on appointments and medications and the newest research on ADHD/ODD/Autism/Aspergers, helping with poetry homework and hairdos and giving makeup advice.  I find myself knowing that I’m never going to be enough for everyone and that my poor husband is usually last on the list of who gets their needs met. 

Why do I do it? I find that I am also on the receiving end of really well cooked meals that I never had time to do before. Hearing the stories of my kids days at school and laughing and smiling with them. Making the time to cuddle up in bed with a child who most recently has seemed too old for her Mommy.  I find I spend weekends learning how to make fake snow at a Science fair or carving out foam pumpkins to do an egg drop. Before when I had to work full time, I never had time for any of these adventures.  I’ve also been home to experience every one of my 16 month olds firsts.  In the past I had to use the “well it was a first for me” excuse when my child performed their new found mastery of a skill for me after the babysitter had seen it all day long.

So, I’ve been looking for a direction with this blog for so long now.  I wanted to do something big..make a difference in someone else’s world.  Instead, I’ve finally seen the light.  I need a place to make a difference for me. A place to put it all down the good, the bad and the ugly (because lets face it it can get pretty ugly!) so that I will have a place to go back and reflect and give myself some perspective. 

So if you happen to stumble upon this my public journal of sorts bear with me. I’m under remodeling. I’ve been trying to be  superwoman with only a lasso and life is about to get real interesting around here.Image